Helen Jopling

Helen Jopling

About Me:
My name is Helen Jopling I am 49 years old.

I was born and educated in the northeast of England before moving to Minneapolis Minnesota in the USA for a short period of time as an au pair. I have also lived in The Lake District and in Liverpool. I have now settled in the South West of England in the beautiful surroundings of Somerset.

Since childhood I have always loved the theatre so I became an amateur theatre actress. I studied Drama and Arts and Dance at New college Durham and it’s been my lifelong dream to become an actress and model, I also have a passion for working behind the scenes on the editing and design side as well. I would love to see my face and my name on a Cinema and tv screen one day and have a photographic image of myself on the cover of a glossy magazine such as vogue and be able to say, “Thats me, I finally made it.”

I have always had such great passion, love and respect for the movie, tv, theatre, modelling and music industries. I am also however a very adventures person who enjoys many outdoor activities and have a love for cars, motor bikes, speed boats, jet planes etc…so the Tom boyish side of me just loves such things as action stunts and although Im only able to drive a car at present, I’m always willing to go that extra mile and give 100% of what is expected of me in anything I do in my life.

I also love to travel so experiencing all the different cultures that are out there in the movie and modelling world would be a huge experience for me.

I am an extremely hardworking ambitious individual and I definitely have the confidence that’s needed to be a great actress and model.

I carry a positive attitude and I believe that with my image, work ethic and natural acting and modelling ability I just know 100% that I would be an amazing asset to your company. Thank you so much for listening and I will look forward to hearing from you.

Interested In:

– High Street Fashion
– Catalogue
– Commercial
– Editorial
– TV / Film Extras