Helen Collier

Helen Collier

About Me:
At this point in my life , i have decided to take early retirment from my county council work, which i have been doing for over 35 years. The job was working for people with learning disabilities and challenging behavour. As you can imagine this job kept me on my toes and needed me to be head strong . But also it needed me to gain many skills so i could work with different people and their needs and have the abilty to change my work role at short notice according to the situation i was in. I do believe these are skill can be used in other jobs like this job aswell. I love working and meeting with new people as i am very much a social person . I am confident to work into a room of strangers with only a few butterflies.

I love trying new things from places to go , people to meet even down to just going to the hairdressers and saying , suprise me with a new style.

I do have a grown up family and now just become a nannie, but is showing me a new path i life aswell. By Partner of 10years is a paramedic for our local east midlands service.

As i am now retired i have decided to do things that i enjoy and trying new things like this role. So as and when is great for me. I have time to socialize and go to different places. It doesnt bother me jumping in the car with the satnav on for going to new places on the train.

Interested In:
– Modeling
– Being an extra
– Acting
– Traveling