Golnaz Ghermezian

Golnaz Ghermezian

About Me:
I am Golnaz, and I hold an MBA in Project Management from the University of East London. I am currently completing an internship in Hospitality Management.

My previous experience in tourism includes working as a tour leader in my home country, where I had the opportunity to travel to different cities, visit various historical and monumental sites, as well as go on nature tours. I took photographs in many places, experimenting with different styles and clothing. This experience inspired me to explore my interest in fashion and modeling in London.

Additionally, I have a passion for dancing and am proficient in Arabic and Persian dance styles. I have experience in storytelling, and my voice is versatile, allowing me to adapt to various roles, including those for children. I also enjoy playing badminton and tennis.

I have a deep love for movies, films, and theater, and I am eager to take on roles in the world of cinema.

Interested In:
– Modelling