Georgia Hartman

Georgia Hartman
About Me:
My name is Georgia, The three words I would use to best describe myself are confident, happy and kind. I am very easygoing in front of the camera, and I am quick at learning new things. In my free time, I enjoy sports and dancing, I play tennis, netball and cricket. I also love baking as I can experiment and try new recipes. I am very easy to get along with and spend a lot of time with my friends. Going shopping and going to parties are my favourite things to do! I also enjoy doing self-care and pampering myself! I have a dog called Milo, and we do everything together, he follows me around everywhere I go, and my favourite thing to do with him is to go on a nice walk in the park. I love travelling, my favourite places that I have been to must be Mexico, Dubai and New York. I also enjoy relaxing on the beach in Crete! My go-to look would be a slick ponytail or bun and a tracksuit. Comfort is number 1. But obviously, I have to always look the part.
Interested In:
– Commercial
– Catalogue
– Fitness
– Dance
– Makeup
– Skincare
– Fashion
– Travelling
– Family
– Gym