Esther Obasi

Esther Obasi

About Me:
I am a bubbly young girl, energetic, cheerful, easy-going, approachable, passionate. I love art, dancing, singing. I love music: I play the guitar and piano. I love adventure, new experiences, meeting people and making friends. I love challenges; I am a quick learner.

I am inspired by some music Artists – Korean K-Pop, and my goal is to inspire other young people to pursue their dreams. I love to see people dress well and look good. Models and Actors inspire people and make an impact. I want to make a positive impact on people and places.

I enjoy listening to different languages and am currently learning Spanish, French, and Korean (self-taught to read and write).

Traveling is one of my hobbies; I love visiting new places. I am an innovative person and love being part of something that lasts and endures the test of time.

I have always loved acting since I was a little girl as it brings families together. I cannot wait to feature and take a lead role in one. Some of my favorite actors include Jackie Chan, Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Sejeong, America Ferrera (voice of Astrid – Dragons Race to the Edge), Zendaya M S Coleman, Jenna Ortega, Hwang In-youp.

Modeling and acting are my passion, and my dream is to become a Super Model/Actor in the future.

Interested In:
– Film/Film Extras (Acting)
– TV
– Commercial
– Highstreet Fashion
– Photographic
– Dance
– Health and Wellbeing