Esther Bloom

Esther Bloom

About Me:
I love cinema and try to see a few films every month at the cinema, and I also have an interest in old cinema.

I go to the theatre and to museums and art galleries several times a month, and also enjoy live comedy.

I love music and like to go to gigs, I used to go quite often but don’t go as often nowadays.

I like fashion! Especially jewellery and particularly big earrings. I also like vintage clothes and have a few heirlooms from my grandmother which I sometimes wear.

I have had very many jobs over my lifetime, at a variety of different businesses including a theatre, architects, universities and charities.

I have a lively social life and like eating and drinking with friends, I love food!

I like to travel and also like to visit different parts of the UK.

I like quizzes of all kinds, particularly general knowledge, but have a good knowledge of history/language/politics.

I have lots of young nieces and nephews whom I love playing with.

I would be interested in any jobs you think would suit me – I was told I am quite versatile, with different looks.

Interested In:
– Modelling