Elaine Helen Scott

Elaine Helen Scott

About Me:
I value educating myself and have completed many qualifications and courses including an Hons degree in Communication Studies and an MA (post-grad) in Social Work. I am also a qualified yoga teacher and ski instructor. I have been practising yoga for 30 years. I have always been into sport and fitness and from the age of 10 I have been a competitive skier leading to working as a ski instructor all over Europe and the US for many seasons. I competed on the Scottish circuit as well as the European circuit and was a part of the British Children’s Ski Team competing in Skofa Loka, then Yugoslavia. I ran track while at Uni in the US obtaining an award. More recently I have taken up high diving and train weekly on boards up to 10m high and plan to compete soon in Masters competitions around the UK. I am an inspiring Tom Daley in female form!

I have been a vegetarian for 40 years and eat a little fish so technically a pescatarian. I have always had a healthy diet.

I love the outdoors, nature, travelling mostly solo, animals and I have several bunnies, fish and cats. I have lived in many countries including India, the US, Canada and New Zealand.

I share 3 children with my ex, my son is 10 and twin girls 8 which I feel are my greatest achievements in life giving birth to them at 46 and 48.

I love a challenge and I am a ‘yes’ woman.

I am a very creative solution-focused woman and I love to solve any problem. Life throws us lemons and I have made a lot of lemonade! I feel great being 56 now especially feeling in perfect health and very fit.

I am so happy to be entering this new career of modelling. I am more confident than I have ever been. I love to meet people from all backgrounds cultures, regions and social groups. I am a very inclusive person. My children are a mix of white Scottish and Jamaican ethnicity.

I love all kinds of music and I enjoy going to live events. I also play the clarinet.

I am based in Edinburgh and happy to travel for work. I also drive and have a car.

Interested In:
– Fitness shoots
– High street shops
– Commercial shoots
– Film and TV
– Catwalk
– Adverts