Dr Mercia Robson

Dr Mercia Robson

About Me:
I bring to the table a deep passion and unwavering drive, along with the requisite skills and mindset to thrive within your agency. My affable and positive demeanor has honed my communication skills and enabled me to excel in social settings.

My background includes serving as the Artistic Director of the Victory Train London Mission in the 1990s, an initiative focused on fostering unity among different religious denominations through fashion and performance arts, aimed at promoting shared values. Additionally, I founded the British Conservative Buddhist movement, dedicated to educating individuals on achieving enlightenment through the principles of the Nichiren Shoshu School.

My commitment to animal welfare has provided me with unique insights into the communication of companion animals, leading me to comprehend the interconnectedness of natural laws and quantum theories through scientific metaphysics. I am also dedicated to expanding my knowledge through global travel, seeking universal truths and cosmic wisdom, while assisting others in overcoming spiritual fears, particularly those related to mortality.

I possess a versatile aesthetic and have the ability to adapt to diverse styles and trends, setting me apart within the industry.

Interested In:
– Promotional modelling
– Commercial modelling
– Parts modelling
– Mature modelling
– Plus size modelling
– Fashion catalog modelling