Dorota Zieba

Dorota Zieba
About Me:
I’ve never done this job before but I always wanted to! I am a hard worker, flexible and optimistic person enjoying every single moment of my life.
I was born in Poland, lived 20 years in Italy, and 10 years in the UK, but just now I can do what I’d love to do all my life: modelling but just if you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my strengths and prove I am an excellent fit for a model position.
I am a highly motivated individual, a strong team player who listens closely, takes direction easily. and puts all my heart into everything I do in my life.
I really enjoyed the photoshoot in Soho Fashion Studio and my confidence in front of the camera is evident in my photos.
I love to travel, to know new people, and new faces and I am a very easygoing person.
Interested In:
– Modelling
– Acting