Debra Paula Sims

Debra Paula Sims

About Me:

Debra Paula Sims, height 5ft8, chest 39G, waist 29, hair color darkest brown, very dark brown eyes. A bit about me: I started to model when I won my first beauty contest for the county I lived in, Plymouth, Devon. I went into the local newspaper to promote different events and started to model for Topshop in London. I’ve done a lot of catwalk modeling to promote various companies and feel that my confidence is good in this area. I’m a bubbly person and try to excel in every job I do, going the extra mile.

From the age of twenty, I worked as a beautician for Charles of the Ritz, moved to Wales, and did this job for five years. This has helped me in life today as I’m very good at doing my own makeup and for others. I love clothes; I have so many. I like to wear the latest trends and look my best every day. I’ve done acting and worked in the theatre before with Chris Hamel as his backup dancer. I’ve always tried very hard to become something in life, but things have gotten in the way like children and marriage. So now it’s my time where I can put as much time into the industry. Due to my experience, my confidence shines out, making me more attractive in jobs. I’m skilled in most areas—acting, modeling, and a fashion follower.

In the early years, I worked hard, and I’m hoping that I will get some great work now. The one thing no one will have is a dull life with me around. I’m always being complimented on my appearance, and I find that a lot of women in my area follow my fashion. This is why I think at my age, I would be a good trendsetter. The clothes that suit me best are short, fairly classic clothes. I don’t think about my age; I just wear what suits me, and if it looks good, I’ll buy it.

I do help a dog charity in Bulgaria and raise as much money as I can to get these poor dogs off the streets. Half the money I earn will be given to set something up so they have a better life. I’m the first one to be ready and will be on time at every event, always prepared. I come from a poor background and have tried to better myself in life. I think that’s why I will work harder than most people so my children have a good life. Two years ago, I went in Miss Bikini over 55s in Italy and won it, so that was a great achievement in my life. This is why I stay fit and find it makes my clothes look better. I can lose weight very easily, but I do like my curves. If a job came up where I needed to lose weight, I could do this very easily.

I’m happy to travel anywhere and at short notice. I love the sunshine and the open air to do my yoga. I’ve just come back from Poland; it was so lovely, a very wonderful place. I love the fact that I may be able to go to different countries. My daily life is getting up, spending time on my skincare, hair, and makeup. I believe that every lady should try and look their best in their daily life. I’m fussy about my clothes and appearance and buy the latest skincare and makeup trends to help with my look. So a fresh face is no problem as my skin is good and wrinkle-free. I’m very excited to start a job no matter how small and have a real passion to model again. Thank you for reading my profile.

Interested In:
– Modelling