David Cholerton

David Cholerton

About Me:
I’m 65 still very fit and active, I’ve worked in the motor trade for many years so used to meeting and working with different people, I feel I can get on with anyone and many seem to like me, to be fair I’m not to worried what they think about me.

I have three grandchildren all girls and two older step grandsons.

Hobbies include photography so I’ve an idea of what’s needed from myself, I’m able to follow directions from others, I also enjoy learning new techniques and things.
I enjoy reading it’s generally James Bond 007, and other things too.
I now work in the rail industry, facing redundancy April, so all good, this will free me up to working in fashion, always had an interest, I’m drawn to fashion ads on tv. I do like getting dressed up and being smart.
I was called mr Bond on our last cruise on dress up night.

I’ve also worked in a beauty salon / weight loss centre on the front desk answering phones for appointments and product management for a couple of years. So had to always look well presented and professional.
And I’m very much into watches, I’ve only a small collection, cuz I’ve never had the time.
I am now constantly practicing my posing every day, YouTube is great for this.

Interested In:
– Modelling