Dareon Isaac Tyreke Horsford

Dareon Isaac Tyreke Horsford

About Me:
I am an individual who is diligent and thoughtful, and I thrive on curiosity and the quest for knowledge. My analytical mind drives me to dig deep into topics, to understand them fully before jumping into conclusions. I value honesty which enables me to balance between being empathetic and practical; this makes me able to relate well with others while making the right decisions in my profession. I focus on details and I am committed to excellence.

I come up with solutions when facing problems as a way of taking them head-on. My ability to express complicated thoughts in a simple way is among the things that help me work well in teams or motivate teamwork.”

Personally, I’m introspective and constantly striving for self-improvement. I enjoy setting goals and formulating strategies towards achieving them, especially in relation to my career, personal development or

hobbies. However, at times, overthinking becomes my greatest enemy leading me to become too hard on myself. That’s why I practice mindfulness whenever possible so that I can always look at the bright side of life.” On the whole, my mix of curiosity, compassion and perseverance combine together resulting in an individual who wants his life counted both at home as well as abroad.

Interested In:
– Modelling