Dare Adeosun

Dare Adeosun
About Me:
I’m a recently graduated student who aspires to partake in both the modelling and acting industries. Depending on the opportunities that come my way. I believe that confidence and assurance are key to working in this business and those are qualities that have also kept me optimistic about my future and my dreams.
My goal is to be a successful actor and it’s been a dream of mine since I was about ten. Although I haven’t had the opportunities to get more exposure I’ve had plenty of experience in preparation for being an actor. In terms of modelling, It’s something I gravitated towards and I’m finally at the stage to be more professional and create more exposure for myself in this industry. I’m excited for any opportunity that comes along and onboard with any experience that can build my goals and dreams.
Interested In:
– Modelling
– Print
– Catalogue
– Fashion
– Urban/street
– Casual/smart casual
– High-end print(if possible)