Dalia-Maria Colciar

Dalia-Maria Colciar

About Me:
I am thrilled to introduce myself as an aspiring model, eager to make my mark in the industry. My name is Dalia Colciar and I’m excited to apply for the opportunity.

Although I am new to the modelling industry world, I am passionate about this industry and determined to showcase my potential. Standing at 5’9, I posses a unique blend of tall and slender physique.

While I may not have extensive professional experience yet, I am confident in my ability to adapt and learn quickly. I am dedicated and committed individual, always ready to put in the hard work and effort required to succeed. I have been preparing myself for this opportunity by researching industry trends and practicing my poses and runaway walks.

What sets me apart is my enthusiasm, positive attitude and eagerness to try new challenges. I am also confident in my ability to convey emotions and tell a story through my expressions and body language.

Interested In:
– Runaway/Cat walk
– Fashion Models
– Parts models (hands or eyes preferred)