Claire Commins

Claire Commins

About Me:
I am originally from South Africa and currently residing in Buckinghamshire. I exude confidence, a bubbly nature, and an outgoing personality, always ready for new experiences. My distinctive husky voice complements my good sense of humor. With a daring and adventurous spirit, I have successfully operated a business in South Africa before relocating to the UK.

My current focus is on furthering my career in acting and modeling. My portfolio includes a feature film appearance in ‘Invictus,’ as well as various roles in TV commercials. I’ve taken on roles as both a supporting and featured actress in TV series, alongside hosting an online TV show centered around mental health.

My aspirations lean towards securing supporting or leading roles in TV series, or even taking on the role of a travel and food presenter. My passion for exploration, love of food, and collaborations with celebrity chefs make me particularly suited for such a position.

While I am open to various opportunities, my enthusiasm gravitates towards crime series or comedy dramas. True to my larger-than-life persona, think of me in the vein of Jennifer Coolidge or Kathryn Hahn.

Among the shows that have captured my heart are:

– ‘Rosie Malloy Gives Up Everything’
– ‘The White Lotus’
– ‘Brokenwood Mysteries’
– Any British crime series

These shows have resonated with me and align with the kind of work I am drawn to. I’m excited about the prospect of bringing my unique energy and talents to similar projects in the future.

Interested In:
– Modelling
– Acting
– Presenting
– Tv show
– Reality Tv
– Adventure