Chanel Asare

Chanel Asare

About Me:
Hello, I am Chanel Asare, a 16-year-old girl currently working in food and beverage. I love to stay as busy as possible, with a day or two to rest. I also occasionally love dancing, doing some type of art, or helping my mum with cooking. I’ve been working in food and beverage for only four months, but during this time, I have found it to be an absolute joy. The team is lovely, welcoming, and has greatly boosted my confidence.

My journey into modeling and acting started with a curiosity about how things work when I was little and saw my sister start modeling and watched a lot of actors and actresses. This curiosity quickly turned into a love for these two fields. I never really considered modeling or acting as a profession when I was younger, but over the years, my passion grew. I would record myself repeating lines from movies with expression and take more pictures of myself. It was only recently that I decided to get involved with a modeling and acting organization. I particularly enjoy reviewing my work to see where I can improve and how I can make my pictures look more professional and aesthetic. This process allows me to blend creativity and body language skills to bring dreams and hopes to life.

When I’m not at work, I love spending time outdoors, taking long walks with my dog to refresh my mind and give her a sense of freedom. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and boyfriend whenever I can. Recently, I have developed an interest in cooking and am currently experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. On quieter days, you’ll often find me curled up with a good book (mostly a Bridgerton book or Vampire Diaries), exploring different genres and authors, doing some art, or learning and creating dance choreographies.

I’m always eager to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. I regularly check different fashion news sites or social media pages to stay updated with the latest trends and fashion ideas. I also enjoy contributing to teamwork and being part of a team that can have a laugh now and then between takes, maintaining connections even when not in front of the camera.

Interested In:
– Creativity/ Art/ Dance Choreographies
– Being a part of a team that can share jokes and have many memories with
– Dancing
– Scary Movies
– Music
– Long Walks
– Playing with my dog
– Spending time with friends and family
– Rollerskating (still practising)
– Cooking