Caroline Masters

Caroline Masters

About Me:
My name is Caroline Masters.  I started going to the local Amateur group in my town.  I find it very interesting to mix with other mature students.  I have performed in a Pantomime and really enjoyed it.  I realize I like to do acting so I decided to join an acting school in London.  I went to The Actors Centre School for a year to get more experience on the stage and theatre. I started to perform on stage at The Camden Peoples Theatre in London.  I really enjoyed acting. It was fun as I also like comedy.   Then from there, I went to City Lit Further Education in Holborn to do another acting course for a year.  I have decided to continue my acting career to gain more experience.  I went to Pinewood Studio at the Actors Centre to continue my training for a year. I was awarded a diploma. I have been given 2 show reels for the acting course and am very pleased with it.

I started applying for film work as an extra which I was very lucky to get in a BBC TV Drama which is Holby City and East Enders.   I also perform in Shakespeare’s Play.  I played “CATHERINE of ARAGON”.  It was a good experience for me.  I was in a film called “BANGED UP ABROAD IN – TOKYO. JAPAN. My role was a Prison Warden in a Japanese Prison.  It is based on a true story.  Later on, I was offered a leading role as a Chinese Grandmother in “NOW YOU SEE ME 2.

I was in a JAMES BOND FILM “SKYFALL”. I was a passenger in the film.

I also like dancing especially Ballroom Dancing, fox-trot and Ceroc which is Rock and Roll and Jive. 

I hope one day I will get a leading role in a big film in the UK or in HOLLYWOOD.

Job History:

Featured Films:

  1. Banged Up Abroad – Tokyo, Japan (19.1.2010)
    • Role: Prison Officer
    • Director: Dienne Retterle
    • Company: RAW TV
  2. Ra-One (12.3.2010)
    • Role: Akashi’s Mother
    • Bollywood Film
  3. Skyfall James Bond 23 (2011)
    • Role: Airport Passenger
    • Company: B23 Ltd.
  4. Tezz (2011)
    • Role: A Commuter
    • Director: Prehard Arshan
    • Bollywood Film
  5. 47 Ronin (March 2014)
    • Role: Villager
    • Director: Not specified
  6. Here After (2014)
    • Role: Business Class Passenger in Phuket, Thailand
    • Director: Clint Eastwood
  7. Rush (April 2014)
    • Role: Spectators
  8. Now You See Me 2 (19.6.2015)
    • Role: Grandmother


  1. BBC Channel 4 – Trollied – Supermarket (2010)
    • Role: Cashier
    • Company: RDF
    • Director: Alex Hardcastle
  2. BBC TV – Halfa Summer (2009)
    • Role: Belly Dancer
    • Director: Lynne Chapman
    • Website:
  3. BBC TV – Spooks (2008)
    • Role: Shopper
    • Director: Not specified
  4. BBC1 TV – East Enders (2011)
    • Role: Court Official
    • Director: Nick Philip
  5. BBC TV – East Enders (2011)
    • Role: Shopper
    • Company: BBC


Interested In:
– Modelling