Benjamin Paul Egerton Bassham

Benjamin Paul Egerton Bassham

About Me:
I am a very proactive person who is a regular gym goer, content creator & currently a degree apprentice. I spend my free time working on my personal brand & I like to think of myself as extremely motivated and driven.

My personal brand entails of my YouTube channel, which is currently just an extra income but eventually with time I wish to scale this, alongside my Instagram/TikTok following.

I have a massive passion for travel (as I also work in it for TUI) and I am always up for anything involved in working/travelling abroad.

I try take good care of my health with maintaining good diets & daily exercise, but I’m also extremely money motivated, I was last unemployed at the age of 14 and I’ve had a total of 7 jobs since. I prioritised work over school as a teenager and to this day, I have always put my work first.

Interested In:
– Film set extras
– Catalog
– Fitness
– Lingerie/swimwear