Aryan Narayan

Aryan Narayan

About Me:
I am a budding architectural engineering student, crafting blueprints by day and dreams by night, all while harbouring a passionate flair for the world of modelling and acting.

My upbringing was marked by awe-inspiring visits to ancient wonders like Angkor Wat and modern marvels such as The Shard, igniting a passion for creativity and innovation. Reading “The Fountainhead” crystallized my desire to pursue architecture, where I discovered the boundless potential for self-expression and originality.

My immersion in practical and technical aspects of architectural engineering through summer holiday work experience at Midgard Design Services, coupled with collaboration on fashion industry analysis at Saint and Sofia, has instilled in me a profound appreciation for design and creativity. These experiences have honed my ability to approach projects with innovation and a multidisciplinary perspective, qualities crucial in acting. Proficiency in software like AutoCAD and Revit underscores my adaptability to new tools and technologies, while my diverse skill set, nurtured by architectural engineering, promises a fresh perspective and creative edge in the world of acting.

Volunteering as a COVID marshal underscored the importance of effective communication and proactive engagement, skills essential in the multidisciplinary realm of acting and modeling. My achievements in chess tournaments, public speaking competitions, and leadership roles as Sports Prefect showcase my adaptability, problem-solving acumen, and leadership capabilities.

My passion for sketching, oil painting, and playing the piano reflects my creative spirit and penchant for artistic expression. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh silver award expedition instilled in me resilience, teamwork, and adaptability, qualities vital in the dynamic world of entertainment.

I am thrilled by the prospect of exploring diverse career opportunities and bringing my unique blend of skills, passion, and creativity to the forefront of modelling and acting.

Interested In:
– Modelling