Arthur Abrahamsen

Arthur Abrahamsen

About Me:
It’s difficult to write about myself and I think the best way anyone would get to know me is to see me as I am.

When I went for my photo shoot back in January Jade who I had a chat with about my photos asked me,”How would I best describe myself?”

I couldn’t really think of anything to tell her and after a few minutes I turned to her and said,”I am who I am, I’m just me.”

I was overwhelmed when I was shown and read the assessment that some members of the team at the shoot had said about me.

It was very complimentary and in all I agreed with modesty and of honesty.

This was a new experience for me and it was a challenge which I enjoyed.

I remained calm throughout and was enthusiastic to do Studio and outside shoots.

What ever I was asked to do I did to the best I could and was told I did so despite having no experience.

I once modelled Shetland jumpers when I was in my pre teenager years and enjoyed it then

Unfortunately I didn’t have the means to pursue but I enjoyed it.

When I began my nursing career I took part in an small acting part as part of a revue the hospital had every Christmas.

It ran for three nights and was a huge success.

There was a loss and sadness after its run.

I was congratulated on my performance

Overall I’m a genuine person.

I’m honest and a perfectionist as much as is possible.

I have a dry sense of humour and am easygoing but when I need to be can get down to working hard.

All my life I’ve always had a vision of me performing in this scenario.

I hope my vision can become reality.

It’s always something I wanted to do as I believe I can do and do it well.

Interested In:
– High Street Fashion
– Catalogue
– T.V. & Film