Artemiy Grigoryev

Artemiy Grigoryev

About Me:
My name is Artemiy Grigoryev, I am 20 years old. Born in Moscow, Russia I left the country when the war in Ukraine began to study in Europe. It is my first year in the UK. I am currently studying in the INTO UNIVERSITY OF LONDON at the foundation course HUMANITIES AND LAW. In the future, I am willing to study media at this university.

Talking about my hobbies I can mention that I am a big sports fan especially interested in basketball and mountain skiing. Besides sports, I am fascinated with history and politics.

I love to spend my spare time with friends hanging around the city, and going to various pubs and beautiful landmarks.

Right now I am trying to find some part-time jobs in order to gain some financial independence from my parents. That is why I decided to try myself in modelling since I believe I may have a chance to become successful in this area.

I believe that my good inner qualities are patience and software skills. I love to meet new people building and maintaining new social links. I am open and ready to try some new hobbies and passions.

Interested In:
– Modeling
– Sports
– Advertising