Anita Susan Howard

Anita Susan Howard

About Me:
I’m a versatile talent in the realm of high street fashion, catalogues, and the captivating world of TV and film. With a keen eye for style and a passion for storytelling, I bring a unique blend of elegance, creativity, and professionalism to every project.

Renowned for my exceptional work in high street fashion, I have an innate ability to capture the essence of contemporary trends while adding my personal touch of sophistication. My expertise lies in curating visually stunning looks and showcasing fashion-forward designs, making me a sought-after figure in the industry.

Beyond my contributions to high street fashion, I excel in the world of catalogues. With meticulous attention to detail, I transform products into captivating visual stories that captivate audiences and entice customers.

In addition to my work in fashion and catalogues, I have ventured into the exciting realm of TV and film. My talent for storytelling shines through in my on-screen presence, whether it be portraying compelling characters or adding a touch of elegance to various productions. My versatility and adaptability allow me to seamlessly navigate diverse roles and genres, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Notably, I specialize in a wide array of fashion genres, always maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and artistry. While I bring a remarkable flair to my work, I respectfully adhere to the principle of excluding lingerie and swimsuits from my repertoire.

With my unique blend of talent, style, and professionalism, I continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of high street fashion, catalogues, and the captivating universe of TV and film.

Interested In:
– High Street Fashion
– Catalogue
– TV & Film
– No lingerie or swimsuits