Angela Robins

Angela Robins

About Me:
I am a fun loving, positive woman, confident to try new situations and look forward to being challenged.

Even though modelling is new to me I absolutely loved the recent experiences I have had. I have unique features and qualities which allow me to stand out whilst also being highly adaptable and able to fit into a range of themes, styles and looks. I possess the ability to be captured well by cameras and am often praised for being photogenic.

I am a quick learner and happy to take direction as well as being great with people from all walks of life, happy and comfortable camping in the woods as I am dining out in a Michelin star restaurant.

I am excited to find out where modelling can take me as fits in with my passions for extreme sports, horse riding and travelling.

Interested In:
– Commercial Modelling
– Catalogue
– Extra for TV/Film