Andrew Allington

Andrew Allington

About Me:
I am a vibrant and popular Sexgenarian who enjoys a challenge on a daily basis. I have a eccentric personality that I have demonstrated on You Tube under the name of Andrew Allington aka “Double A”. I love working with the British public, mainly in the retail Sector, where my social skills are best driven and tested. I love meeting people and having fun and I have many friends who I meet at pubs, clubs and other venues. I enjoy live music and watch live cover bands most weekends in my local areas of Nuneaton, Coventry etc..

I am a lifelong natural bodybuilder creating my own Core Strength workout routine that I have demonstrated on You Tube. On my Channel I have also shared my diet routine involving quality foods that compliment my workout routine, which as maintained my youthful and attractive looks. I believe in taking care of myself and exchanging views with like-minded people.

I work well in front of the camera as I have been described as ‘flexible’, ‘happy’, ‘honest’, ‘open to suggestion’, ‘undemanding’ and an overall good team player, you can see these attributes from my images and my You Tube Channel and my Model Report. I am considered ‘popular’, ‘handsome’, ‘attractive’, ‘friendly’, ‘helpful’ and I work well with other people and enjoy other people’s’ successes as well as my own. Seeing other people happy is a major thrill to me as it offers a positive outlook that opens doors and creates opportunities.

I am separated and have two adult children and a Granddaughter who has my striking good looks and blue eyes.

Interested In:
– High street fashion roles
– Catalogue work
– All aspects of model work
– TV and film work
– Extra work