Andrea Barr

Andrea Barr

About Me:
I enjoy having a good laugh and making jokes. I have a positive outlook on life and radiate positive energy. I’m quite confident around people and enjoy meeting individuals from all walks of life because I’m a friendly person. I’m also compassionate and can be sensitive at times. I have a deep love for animals and can’t stand any form of cruelty towards them.

I’m generally patient, but there’s a bit of that Maltese blood in me, and it can show when pushed. I prioritize maintaining a healthy lifestyle, although you might not guess that from my measurements. Nonetheless, I believe I have a good figure for my age. I have a passion for dancing and exercise.

My family includes two children, Beccy, who is 33, and Craig, who is 37, as well as two grandchildren. Beccy and her daughter, Emily, live with me, making it just the three of us, which is fine. While I am separated from my husband, we remain friends and support each other, along with our family.

I work as a support worker on Mondays and Tuesdays, where I usually take my client out for activities like walks in the park, lunch, shopping, and sometimes even a game of snooker. Additionally, my 92-year-old mother lives on her own, and I, along with my two brothers, take care of her.

Before this, I worked as a waitress for 20 years. I have a keen interest in fashion and enjoy finding unique pieces that set me apart. Cooking is another passion of mine.

I’m currently seeking new and exciting opportunities and am open to trying anything (well, almost anything). I’m looking forward to the possibility of working with you.

Interested In:
– Modelling clothes/fashion
– Advertising
– Skin care
– Hair care
– Foor wear
– Jewellery
– Commercial
– Extra work
– Catalogue
– Television