Alexander Ekere

Alexander Ekere

About Me:
My name is Alexander Biasua Emmanuel Ekere. I prefer people to call me Alexander as it’s my first name, and I am 6 years old. I specialize in fashion clothing modelling. I love taking pictures and posing. My first experience in a real studio photoshoot was at Studio Thomas in Camden, London. I enjoyed it; it was fun, and I was not even tired.

I am energetic, patient, and ambitious. I listen and follow instructions. I am a counsellor at my school, where I help and give instructions during the assembly. For example, at the end of the day in my classroom, I clean and tidy up to ensure it is neat. I work well in groups to achieve certain objectives.

I am looking forward to this next step in my journey and all the new challenges it has to offer. I am polite and dependable, and I like meeting new people.

I enjoy going to church, the library, the park, and the cinema with my family. I also like Burger King.

Interested In:
– Modelling
– Acting