Alaine Elle

Alaine Elle

About Me:
I am petite, honest and kind. I work full time as a mechanical engineer and I am a single parent to an 11 year old boy who has Down’s Syndrome – he is awesome and one day destined to be a star himself!

I like to keep myself in shape by running, dancing doing yoga and Pilates, as well as a weekly weights session. I danced competitively as a teenager, but these days it’s just for fun and exercise.

My second biggest love outside of my son is music – my playlists are my prized possessions! I spend a lot of time and money going to concerts and festivals. I enjoy good food and try to eat a healthy balance diet, although I refuse to deny myself the good stuff – life is too short.

I took acting classes during lockdown, mostly over zoom, but then did have a few 1:1 sessions up until the end of last year. I did enjoy the experience of acting and it is something I would have an interest in getting into.

I am trustworthy and resilient, I love to learn and am now trying this new direction in life after coming out of a long term relationship nearly 4 years ago – I’m very interested to see the person I can be in this new scenario. I appreciate art and nature and try to be eco-conscious. I am a firm believer in people having the freedom to be whoever they are without fear of prejudice or retribution. I believe kindness and understanding is one of the greatest gifts we can give – and it’s free!

Interested In:
– Fashion
– Beauty
– Brand
– Advertising
– Commercials
– TV/Film Extra
– Sportswear
– Lingerie/swimwear
– Music Videos