Adam John Hextall

Adam John Hextall

About Me:
I’m now a semi-professional long-distance swimmer who swims 8 km three days a week at the local pool. I like to keep very fit and active. My previous career was with Bloomberg, where I travelled globally, having visited over 55 countries. I also lived in Singapore for eight years in two stints.

In 2022, I discovered that I was an Australian citizen by descent. Coincidentally, my mother was born in Epping, NSW, and I was born in Epping, Essex. I also discovered that I’m the grandson of a true Australian convict!

When I was 31 and living in Asia, I built two houses in Queensland, Australia, one by the ocean and the other on a lake.

I have two boys. My eldest earned a first-class Chemistry Master’s degree from Oxford University, where he was also the chapel organist for four years. My other son is now at Loughborough University.

Interested In:
– Commercial
– Catalogue
– High Street Fashion