Abijah Hinterleithner

Abijah Hinterleithner

About Me:
I’m Abi Hinter, a fun and friendly individual. A few things I’m passionate about are art, travel and food. I show my love for art more with my hair and complementary nails by trying out different hairstyles, colours and nail designs, one of my favourite nail styles is the French tips with multiple colours as it brings out my personality. I love travelling to new places and trying new foods, my favourite place to go to is Kenya as I was born there plus the weather is great and there are good vibes from the locals. My favourite food is seafood (especially seafood boils, they are my weakness with their amazing aroma and taste). I am very much a summer girl, I love the warmth and the beach, and just like summer, I am happy, friendly and exuberate.

I enjoy my work so far in finance and I’m looking to excel so I am currently studying for an accounting diploma.

My communication skills are great but there’s always room for improvement, at the company I work I am the only finance representative, so my communication skills have to be top-notch. I am very helpful to other people and enjoy helping around every now and again. I used to do taekwondo and achieved a green belt quite quickly if I say so myself.

During my spare time, I go to the gym 3 times a week. I take health very seriously as I make homemade meals.

I am very family-oriented and would do anything for my family. My loyalty is hinged as I stay loyal to those who treat me with respect. My motto is “You gain respect by being respectful yourself”.

Interested In:
– Commercial
– Fitness