Abbie Stringer

Abbie Stringer

About Me:
My name is Abbie Stringer and I am 18 years of age. I live near Stratford Upon Avon with my parents, twin sister and a cockapoo named Beau.

I am friendly, confident, responsible, reliable, highly motivated individual and open to new opportunities and experiences. I enjoy socialising with friends and family, watching movies, listening to music and following social media.

Whilst studying Art & Design at Stratford Upon Avon College for the past two years I have been working part-time evenings and weekends for Miller & Carter Restaurant as a waitress and Primark Fashion Retail Store on the check-out and floor. I like to keep busy and I’m not afraid of hard work.

I’ve always had a passion for art, drama, modelling and anything involving expressing myself in different ways. My passion for modelling began at a young age when my nana would always tell me modelling is the right path for me to take as a career, and as I’ve grown and discovered my different passions and interests, I’ve realised modelling is my biggest goal. I am highly driven and passionate, and I always succeed when I set my mind to something. I am always prepared for everything I undertake and give my all to all tasks.

I am a very joyful, outgoing and expressive person, whether through facial expressions or body language, which allows me to have a diverse collection of images. To me, modelling is more than just smiling at a camera and looking lovely; it is a work of art that can appear similar yet be completely different; each expression in a session can perceive a new tale with a different meaning to various people, which is why it is my greatest passion.

Interested In:
– Art
– Fashion
– Catalogue
– Adverts
– Film/ TV/ Commercial
– Photography
– Dancing
– Music
– Singing
– Social Media
– Hair & Makeup