Aaron Lee Chin

Aaron Lee Chin

About Me:
This is always the hard part – trying to describe yourself through words. I always wanted to say it’s best to get to know me and my character in person.

Unfortunately, they haven’t created that Star Trek beam technology yet, so I cannot be myself directly to you through the tablet or the smartphone! But I am working on it!

So for now, let’s just go with what people generally say about me – he is an idiot! No, I am just joking. Well, at least from that, you can tell I have a great sense of humor.

I would describe myself as an open, fun-loving character who is always looking on the bright side of life. The glass is half full kind of guy (unless you give me what’s in the glass, and it will be totally empty).

I am a very warm, caring, affectionate person, always sympathetic to others. I like open spaces, country walks, theaters, comedy clubs, and small live music venues. That being said, I do enjoy my quiet, relaxed nights in on the sofa with a good movie and a ton of food in front of me! Which I try not to share with my cats! I do like to keep fit and try to keep myself as healthy as possible – mind, body, and soul. And I would have to say there is never a dull moment with me, as you’ll always be greeted with a smile or a big Aaron hug.

Always happy and willing to try new things, adventures, and challenges. I never really shy away and will always give it my best and full potential!

Interested In:
– Modelling