7 Tips to Nail every Modeling Casting!

Castings can be scary!

It is your perfect chance to convince casting directors and book modeling jobs. I have been to hundreds of different castings as a model all over the world. In this article I will share my top 7 Tips to nail your next modeling casting!

1) Positivity

Your mindset will determine your success! I have been to castings where I had to wait in line for many hours. But even when there are 200 other models competing for the same job I keep telling myself: The chances are 50-50! They can either book me for the job or not. They wanted to see me. I have something that they want. Having this positive mindset made me go in a lot more confident and relaxed!

2) Professionalism

Clients want to work with professionals! Unfortunately many models are said to be unpunctual and chaotic. It is important for you to prove that you are different! Always be 5 minutes early to get prepared and take out your modeling portfolio and comp cards. Avoid chewing gum and take your phone out of your pockets! No matter how you look like- casting directors will always prefer to work with somebody who is professional!

3) Socialize

You have to get them to like you! Sure, it is primarily about your look. But if you are able to break the ice and have a fun conversation with clients your chances of booking the job go up dramatically. You want them to remember you! So once you get to a casting start talking to the receptionist, other models or whoever is there. Never look at your phone. This will help you to break the ice and make them remember you when you introduce yourself!

4) Be Yourself

Being natural and authentic will shine the most. This goes both for your look and your behavior. Don’t wear crazy hairstyles or a lot of make up. Just show yourself in your natural state. They want to see who you really are. Never try to be super energetic or funny. Your energy level should definitely be a bit higher but never force or try to hard to stand out. Casting directors respect authenticity a lot more!

5) Simple Outfit
Wear what you feel comfortable in! You are selling yourself and not the clothes you’re wearing. I always go for a simple black T-shirt and comfortable jeans with white sneakers. If I was wearing a suit I would probably feel more stiff and self-conscious at the casting. A lot of times you will also have to try on their clothes so having a simple outfit will make it easier to get changed.

6) Power Pose
Walk in with the confidence of a Gorilla! Your body associates your posture with certain emotions. By actively lifting up your arms and opening your chest you will trick your body into feeling more confident. This is another reason to not look at your phone. You can check Marioa Instagram updates after your casting 😉 Get up, stretch your body for 2 minutes and make yourself as tall as possible. This will give you an instant confidence boost!

7) Have Fun!
Make fun the priority and good things will happen! This pretty much goes for anything in life. Whenever I desperately want something it is very hard for me to relax. Now, whenever I go to a casting I am looking forward to talking to new people and facing a new challenge. Being less goal oriented was a huge game changer for me. If people see that you are sharing joy and having fun they will connect with you. Besides, why in the world are we doing anything if we’re not having fun?!

Never take it personal!

You will not book every casting! That’s a fact. On average I go to over 10 castings before booking a job. No matter how many times you are rejected, don’t take it personal. A lot of times clients just want a specific look. I lost jobs because of my tattoos, my skin tone or just the fact that I was not looking “ethical” enough.

Follow those 7 steps, be professional, have fun in the process and you will be successful!