Zor-El Dennis-Plues

Zor-El Dennis-Plues

About Me:
Zor-El’s name is inspired by the DC comic Superman. Her name was encouraged by her enthusiastic father who loves Dc comics. The super name Zor-El is a Kryptonian, he is the younger brother of Jor-El, husband of Alura, father of Supergirl, and paternal uncle of Superman. We chose this name also as Zor-El was born on the same day as Supergirl in the comics. We were not fond of the name Kara, so we named her Zor-El instead.

Zor-El is a soft dainty individual who is currently in nursery and will be starting reception in September 2020. Even though, at times she can be shy she has a big personality for such a small person. She has been declaring modelling and dressing up as her professional career path; she thrives in front of the camera relishing the attention. Our aim with Zor-El at the current moment, within the industry is to be featured in a commercial or a billboard.

However, she enjoys creative activities i.e., costume play/coloring/drawing/painting and is very open to trying new adventurous activities. She is currently attending a beginner’s gymnastics classes with Gymfinity located in Wandsworth, which she enjoys and thrives off learning new skills and practicing new techniques for her age.

Interested In:
SPORTS: Gymnastics (Currently attending beginners class) & Outdoor play
COSTUME DRESS UP: Character play
MODELLING: Main interest!! (Photography, Commercial, Fashion, Bill boards, TV extra, Children Ads).