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Youthful looking 35-year-old who likes to play around with my style in a way that represents my personality. As a photographer I work well in creative direction from others. Very fond of music of all genres, love to sing and express myself through dance. As a person I have high expectations of myself and prefer to deliver satisfactory results for others.
DANCE: I am a natural mover and will be interested in advertising involving dance or
music videos and such like. Have some previous experience as featured in a music video
before as a dance extra dancing with the artist.
SINGING: Not a professional singer but I can sing and have a soulful rhythm & blues,
jazz voice. (Have been asked to be involved in many singing casting and shows)
ACTING: Interested in acting roles. An extra talent I have is the ability to do accents
very well which could be useful! 
MODELLING: I am interested in catalogue and online fashion modelling, creative
modelling and live/recorded television modelling.