Zac Davison

Zac Davison

About Me:
Zac is almost 4years old, he is a very likeable character who is always happy and has the ability to light up a room when he enters. He has an infectious smile and laugh that naturally draws people towards him.

Zac is not shy, is sociable, interactive and has fun with others. This makes him become very likeable to family, friends and even strangers passing by. He has no fear of talking or playing with new people of all ages.

Zac engages effortlessly in new environments and is very enthusiastic to try anything. He is very determined to make sure he is involved in anything new.

He has recently developed a passion for Football and is constantly wanting to and play. He is also a fan of playing with Lego, Duplo and playing games like snap.
He also loves dinosaurs and the Avengers where he becomes very animated and loves to dress up as his favourite characters. He is a fan of Ironman, Hulk, Thanos & Captain America. Zac owns multiple outfits of these characters and their accessories so that he can play and be his favourite avenger.

From a young age Zac has loved music,especially Rock and Roll. He will often be seen dancing and singing along with the music.

Zac is a practical minded character with great problem solving skills. He is very independent and very determined to solve any obstacle that gets in his way.

Zac loves to be outside and playing and staying active which makes him very fun to be around as he loves to bounce around, laugh and smile. There is never a dull moment with Zac.

Socially Zac adapts very well and is more than happy to “take centre stage”.

Most importantly alongside his fun and infectious personality, Zac is very loving and compassionate towards others and adores especially.

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