Vyncent Brett

Vyncent Brett

About Me:
For most of my career I have been a builder, and have developed my own construction company called Brett Homes. I am multi-skilled. My trades consist of carpentry, plastering, plumbing and decorating.

Outside of work, I am a DJ going by the name of Vinni Vega. I have recently set up a radio station called Radio Quarantino in Shepherds Bush. I became a DJ because I love the way music helps me explore feelings, emotions and thoughts which I otherwise may not have been able to put into words. I have been fortunate enough to play at a few Festivals, my favourite of which is Give run by House of Honey. I like festivals because they bring alot of people togehter; camping under the stars in nature.

Another hobby of mine is my love of motorbikes. Motorbikes give me a sense of freedom and adrenaline.

My closest companion and housemate is my big fat ginger cat: Goldfinder aka Goldie.

Interested In:
– Acting
– Modelling
– Supporting artist
– Dance
– Sports