Valeriia Pavliuk

Valeriia Pavliuk

About Me:
Sometimes I feel like a lost human. Sometimes I am a true businesswoman. Sometimes I’m a poet and a photographer, an actress without a stage.

And all of it is true. I love philosophy a lot. I’m bad at remembering biographies and big names, but I’m very good at understanding and remembering stories and details, recognizing people’s emotions, and reading a room (I believe so!).

Okay, let’s be more grounded now! I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Media and Management as my Master’s Degree.

I moved to the UK 2 years ago when the full invasion of Russia started. I devote lots of my time to volunteering for Ukraine. I have peace and war in my mind, as well as art and science. And I’m doing lots of admin work.

Currently, I do not have a creative position in the arts environment.

My soul wants more creativity. So here we are, applying for castings. Thanks for this opportunity!

I love jazz, tango, folk, light metal, and indie rock. I enjoy dancing and playing on camera. Moreover, I know the other side: I am a videographer and photographer on some days, so I know the process! My favourite parts are pre-production and production itself. Post-production is for more patient people.

I did video interviews back in Ukraine, speaking to journalists, writers, IT specialists, and entrepreneurs. Each person is a true work of art, I believe.

In the UK, I had the performing part of Helen in the Faust opera. I attended an acting course and had physical performances, expressing my own experience as a migrant. I continue to attend theatre classes.

Interested In:
– Acting
– Fashion Photography
– Art Photography
– Video Art
– Commercial photo/video