Trevor Bbanda

Trevor Bbanda

About Me:
I am black African male born in the capital of Uganda, Kampala on the 22nd of March 2000. I live in the United Kingdom in Canterbury, Kent.

I always have wanted to be part of the fashion industry and specifically, a fashion model. I am confident enough to take part in big events and I am very rapport with people, very organised and I pay substantial amounts to details. Since I am an artist, creativity and patience are my day to day characteristics. I do consider myself to be personable and this has helped in my responsibility and respect for others. I am very committed to work, very conscientious, and highly motivated. I am highly motivated, hardworking and multi-task-oriented.

I am an information and communications technology literate with an ability of website designing, a high comprehension level of software programs for example Graphics design (photoshop and illustrator), word processor, desktop publishing, presentation, spreadsheets, database and web authoring. I have high arithmetic capabilities were I can deal with arithmetic calculations and complex calculations that are represented by reserved words. I am capable to work in customer and client areas as I have been considered to have a good customer approach.

I have taken part in national art competitions (National Open Art 2017) where I emerged in the final short-listed group of artists. I have also been part of the Colchester Sixth Form College basketball team of 2017. I currently study architecture at the University for the Creative Arts in Canterbury.

Interested In: