Thomas Joseph Loizou Holloway

Thomas Joseph Loizou Holloway

About Me:
I consider myself as a calm, placid individual, who has strong family values. Equally, I can be strong-minded, as if I don’t enjoy something, I won’t do it. I especially enjoy spending time with my friends. I like animals, I have a cat and am working on my mum to buy a dog!

I enjoy meeting new people as I consider myself to be social. I am aware I look older than my age, which at times has been challenging, e.g. older people befriending me… however, I have embraced my height, older features and feel comfortable in my own skin.

Furthermore, I believe I am a loyal friend and strive to include individuals where appropriate. If I think anyone is being treated unfairly, especially within my circle of friends, I would not hesitate to intervene. Being Unicef Ambassador at my previous school taught me these values.

Something, I get teased about is my “healthy” eating habits! I don’t eat butter, any fat on meat has to be removed and I love a plain piece of bread as a snack!!!!

Finally, I am inspired by individuals such as Ant Middleton, for the positive mindset he applies for everything he does and Rio Ferdinand for his inspirational speech to young aspiring players of my age.


Interested In:
– Football
– Basketball
– Running
– Boxing
– Cars