Taydi Ella Ladner

Taydi Ella Ladner

About Me:
I work hard at school and I enjoy almost every subject. I particularly enjoy drama as I always have lots of ideas, which the teacher allows me to share with the class. I am not shy and never mind going first when we or I am asked to perform or discuss what has been asked of us during the lesson.

I have always put my name down and been chosen to take part in school sports events which have been rewarded with trips such as attending a football match at Wembley Stadium; twice, but I didn’t get to go the second time because of covid-19. I have been part of the school netball team and play goal attach position and I have been to lots of matches at other schools.

I love clothes shopping with my best friend Holly and chilling with her at my house, having a sleepover and having a laugh making tiktoks. I love buying sunglasses so I have a pair for every outfit. I have a collection of 23 pairs at the moment.

I am quite a loud person and love chatting on facetime with all my friends. At the weekends [normally on a Saturday] I love to spend time with my different groups of friends who are from my school and other schools. On a Sunday, I go riding with my Mum. We take her horse to a friend’s house so I can ride as well. I ride Jack who belongs to my mum’s friend. He is amazing and never puts a foot wrong. I love riding through the woods but I really want to be able to ride Jack on the beach with my mum and her friends. I have watched them so many times and can’t wait until I have the chance to go with them. The best thing about riding is riding in a sand school as I love training and schooling, which helps make me a better rider. Schooling a horse requires discipline and takes dedication. I love it but my mum doesn’t. It’s all about the time and effort you put in.

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