Tatiana Stewart

Tatiana Stewart

About Me:
I have turned into modelling as I used to work in fashion industry and fill comfortable in front of the camera due to other work experiences too.

I have been involved into fashion areas such as buying merchandising, catwalk, production, industry exhibition a etc. However, I was involved mostly into the top end luxury world.

I am not afraid of camera as I have been exposed to press and used to do lots of public speaking and interviews at my previous jobs.

I am Russian by origin but have been leaving in the UK for more than 20 years.

I am enjoying photoshoot as for me it is like “diving” into the world of character I am presenting. I am a natural actress, and it helps me to be adaptable to the scene.

I am keen on commercial as l have experience working in industries such as health and medicine, primary education, technology/ design, and finance as a true insider. So, I believe it will help me to satisfy variety of clients as a model to reach their commercial goals.

During a lockdown period I was reading fairy tails for Russian-speaking children in the UK. It was life acting on Facebook as a matter of a good will. Audience loved it so much that I still doing it.

Generally, I have a joyful personality full of enthusiasm and drive which is framed by punctuality and discipline.

Looking forward to be invited for casting and taking on jobs!

Interested In:
SPORTS: For people, who constantly trying to loose weight as I am
SINGING: Non-professional, but would love to participate and have confidence in it
ACTING: Non-professional, but would love to participate and have confidence in it