Steven John Pearce

Steven John Pearce

About Me:
Since the age of 18 I’ve been working in the construction industry as an electrician. I have recently decided that it’s time for a career change as I don’t enjoy it that much anymore. I’d like to try something new and meet new people.

I have decided to try modelling as it is something I’ve always been interested in and think I could enjoy. I like to think that I’m very hard working, have a good work ethic and easy to get along with, working either on my own or as part of a team.

I’ve always been a keen traveller and would very much like to go to different areas of the country or even abroad to work if given the opportunity. I love animals and all my life have had pets and currently own a dog. Working with animals is something I’d very much like to do also. I like to think that I am very organised and a very neat and tidy person. I’m never late for appointments but if I were, I would give enough notice and have a very good reason for that.

I enjoy training and like to keep myself in shape. I eat quite healthy and don’t really eat much fast foods or takeaways. I enjoy nights out with friends but try to limit myself to how much alcohol I drink. I’m very sociable and like meeting new faces and having a laugh.

Interested In:
– Sports
– Modelling