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About Me:
I am attentive and like to listen to my surroundings. I am good at observing the details. I am highly energetic, honest and strictly believe in keeping commitment. I am friendly, lively and love to help others. I enjoy travelling and trying new things. I love almost everything modern architecture to ancient ruins as everything says something and is unique in their own . I like to cook with fruits and invent new healthy recipe. I can speak fluently in english, bangla,hindi, urdue and Punjabi and at the same time I can pick up any new language faster too. I am very organised and I like my surroundings tidy . I love to paint and sing although I am not a good dancer, I like t dance. I do yoga and is good at free hand exercise. I enjoy swimming and cycling. I am perfectionist and is very patient o keep trying until I reach my own target. I do not smoke or drink and naturally got a very good skin. When people see me, they see my smile and my bright eyes. My inner strength and confidence always motivates me to accept new challenges.. I think human personality is like a onion and every bit is a new core to explore. not but the least I am a deep, warm person full of wit with lots of charm.

Interested In:
Lifestyle modeling
Reality show
Talk show
Almost everything