Sebastian Cook

Sebastian Cook

About Me:
I have no prior experience of modelling. However, I really enjoyed my assessment day. Because of this I am enthusiastic about the modelling industry and ready to experience many things.

From my experience of the assessment day I believe that my strongest work is whilst wearing suits / high fashion. However, I am open to trying and wearing different things if it suits my style.

I did swimming for 8 years when I was younger so would be able to model for things in this nature / swim in commercials etc.

To keep fit I go to the gym about 4-5 days a week. Because of this I would also be interested in the fitness modelling industry.

Because of my experience in sport I know how to work hard and push myself.

I have been learning Italian in my spare time so would love to get jobs over in Italy so I can practice the language I would also love to travel across Europe and North America whilst modelling.

I enjoy watching movies and have always been interested in watching actors in things such as behind the scenes. Because of this I would be open to things such as open reads or reading different scripts.

I would also be interested in voice over work.

Interested In:
– Fashion
– High end fashion
– Runways
– Commercial
– Sports
– Modelling abroad
– Fashion weeks
– Work as an extra on set
– Small acting parts
– Cold reading
– Open reading
– Voice over work