Scott Michael

Scott Michael

About Me:
My name is Scott Michael, I’m 14 and currently studying for my Gcse’s. I have a passion for performing arts ,design and Architecture and consider myself to be an outgoing, friendly, and fun person to be around.

Throughout my childhood I have been heavily involved in all aspects of performing arts and have have been lucky to have the experience of recording my vocals in a professional recording studio and travelling to London to learn how to fly on the trapeze at the Wimbledon Theatre for my role of John in Peter Pan the Musical.

I have performed in various disability awareness events working alongside children who have used performing arts to help them with their disability and I found this extremely rewarding and valuable experience.

I love all dance but especially contemporary dance and have been involved in group, duet and solo dance. I spent some time attending Lipa Acadamy to further my skills in this area and to build confidence.

In my spare time Im like any other teenager and enjoy running, listening to music,playing on my xbox and socialising with friends.

I have always thought about modelling as a great opportunity to support my interests whilst being able to earn to support my studying going forward. It is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn from others in the field.

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