Samantha (Sam) Burrows

Samantha (Sam) Burrows

About Me:
I am a very creative person, I enjoy all the arts. I went to Chelsea School of Art for my degree. I still enjoy painting and drawing in my spare time.

I did dancing lessons in Ballet and Modern Dance up until I was 18 and still like to strut my stuff on the dance floor now!

I love going to see live music being performed whether it is Heavy Rock or Classical.

I am very friendly and take instruction well in shoots. I am easygoing and have a great sense of humour.

Most people notice my smile first and my caring demeanour.

I work currently for a charity that supports Learning Disabled people to live their lives how they want to. It is very rewarding and always fun!

Interested In:
– All commercial modelling
– Adverts
– Catalogues
– Online campaigns
– Charity runway (not tall enough for high fashion)
– Voice over work
– Film/TV extra
– Music video extra
– Art photography