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Sabina Ahmetaj

About Me:
Modeling has been always my passion do to in the future, I have done some different jobs based from school but in marketing / communication industry.
I never give up to something that I know it might by my future.
I’m very friendly and social with people always helping others no matter what. Because we all are human being.
I’m not afraid or shy in front of the camera or in a interview I don’t panic.

Interested In:
SPORTS: I used to play football, but I enjoy every sport that it keeps you healthy or on shape
DANCE: Hip-hop is my favourite dance to play
INSTRUMENT: I’ll like to learn piano, guitar and violin
ACTING: Acting as well I enjoy a lot I watch a lot of movies and there is a few women actresses that I’ve been inspired
MODELLING: I always wanted to be a model, or into the fashion industry, I think is the best job to do.