Richard Cronin

Richard Cronin

About Me:
I am 41-year-old father of two gorgeous children, my son who is 10 and my daughter, who is 7.

I started a management consultancy firm 8 years ago, helping big companies like Sky and DPD be more efficient. I am in the fortunate position now where I am semi-retired.

In my spare time, I love to model, assist different charities as an Ambassador or Trustee, box, scuba dive and torment my children as much as humanly possible!! I have also recently taken up tennis. However, I am definitely one of these people that watches a sport on tv and then excitedly goes out and gets all the gear, but has no idea! I do have a lot of determination to succeed in whatever I put my mind to though, maybe that comes in part from my business mindset. I guess an example of this was an ex a few years back told me I was average at massage. I hate to be average at anything, so I did a course and became a professionally qualified Swedish masseuse, so I could surprise her the next time I gave her a massage! She never called me average again after she experienced the new skills I had acquired.

I come from an Irish background, where contraception is apparently non-existent! My father was one of 8 and I am one of 4. I have 3 younger sisters. There is only 5 years difference between myself and my youngest sister, so mum just popped us out one after the other! I have no idea how she coped lol!

Modelling has become a passion since I was approached by the organisers of Mr British Isles at the beginning of the year to attend their finals. I really enjoyed the subsequent photo shoot and felt very relaxed in front of the camera and just had fun with it. Much of my inspiration was taken from Zoolander!

Oh and another fun fact, Iā€™m an Aquarius! šŸ˜‰

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