Perry Cooke

Perry Cooke

About Me:
As a person, I like to think I’m diplomatic, driven, a good friend. I love socialising and I love dressing outlandishly. I’m really good at accents and impressions, I’m a good dancer and good at hosting events. I’ve performed in drag shows, comedy gigs and plays. I’m always interested in a good time, but I’m more interested in having something to fill my day. I want to be successful and what I do.

I grew up in the south of France with my mum. While whenever I visited dad in England we’d go on lavish holidays and skiing trips, my mum always struggled with money. My parents were both somewhat of a mess emotionally, which meant I had to be a parent to them a lot of the time.

In France, as the only English boy, I didn’t have many friends at first so I turned to TV as a way of understanding the world. I watched a show called Skins, where friends would party together and support each other, and decided to become someone known for throwing amazing parties so that I could get more friends. It did the job, and being the party boy became a central part of my identity for several years. It also inspired me to become an actor, as I thought that if Skins inspired me, perhaps one day I could inspire lonely kids in a similar situation to how I grew up.

After coming home to England for sixth form, I moved to LA to study method acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute for 2 years. In LA I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful photographers, and realised I love modelling too.

Interested In:
SPORTS: skiing, water skiing, gym, extreme sports
DANCE: choreography, musical theatre, commercial
SINGING: baritone, bass
ACTING: TV, film, commercials, voice over, plays
MODELLING: Print, commercial, runway