Paola Milcheva

Paola Milcheva

About Me:
My friends think that I am a funny, loving and straightforward person. They feel happy around me. However, some of them say that I am too talkative but they know that it’s just because I like to have fun with and they also love it.

I am basically a kind hearted person who likes to swim, ride a bike and capture every moment on camera. I never lose an opportunity to help my friends or anyone else. I face all situations bravely and boldly. I am optimistic and ready for any adventurous task. I performed well as a student. I am a responsible and honest girl who wants to do things successfully. I am punctual towards my work and do it on time. I believe that mutual cooperation is a way to success and like to help people whenever they seek my help.

My employers believe that I am a regular, punctual employee who is well organised and a good planner. They think that I am very interactive and transparent and respectful in dealings.

I would like to develop all my existing qualities to the maximum level of perfection, as such I would like to go for positive experiences in my life because experience is the best teacher of a human being.

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